Building Finger Strength

Don’t Worry, You’re Awesome

 Building up your finger strength is crucial to being able to do practically anything on the guitar. It’s important to understand if you’ve never played the guitar before, you’re going to be asking your fingers to do movements, stretches, and bends that they’re not used to doing, so don’t be discouraged if it takes a little extra practice to build up your finger strength and dexterity. Just like lifting weights, building up your finger strength takes repetition.

Single-Note Melodies to Build Finger Strength

 Now that you’re familiar with TAB, let’s take a look at a few single-note melodies to songs you may be familiar with. Remember, if your fingers start to get tired, just take them off the guitar neck, shake them out, perform some of the hand stretches from Chapter 5, and try it again. Pain is gain!

“… don’t be discouraged if it takes a little extra practice to build up your finger strength.”


Practicing With Metronomes

These songs should be practiced slowly at first, ideally with a metronome. This way, you can perfect your technique as you continue to increase the tempo of the metronome. Be sure that each note is perfectly articulated and not buzzing or muffled when you play it. If you experience that type of issue, you want to press down harder on the string (finger strength). If you’re unfamiliar with any of these songs, you’re welcome to look them up on a streaming service like YouTube or Spotify.


As mentioned, the GA40 by Korg (left) works as both a tuner and a metronome, and has extremely long battery life. If you’re interested in a fancier, albeit less practical metronome, the timeless Wittner 5403 Metronome is what you’re looking for.

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