Welcome to the Choose Your Destiny area of Guitar Super System!

This is your home base for a self-guided lesson experience. Think of it like a guitar lesson buffet. While the many lessons in each Guitar Super System section can be followed in order from top to bottom, you can feel free to bounce around if you're looking for something in particular. Each lesson contains context and references to other relevant lessons that will be helpful in understanding any concepts that are presented. If you’d like tips on creating a practice schedule from the information you learn, click here.

As always, remember to take things at your own pace, and above all, enjoy your new guitar journey!



Concepts extracted directly from Berklee College of Music, presented in an interactive, effective, and fun way! From basic fundamentals to college-level concepts, you'll discover an entirely new world of guitar playing. Newcomers to music theory should follow the curriculum as it's laid out. More advanced players can browse through the various sections and lessons in order to fill in any gaps that may exist in their knowledge.



While learning new licks and understanding music theory concepts is crucial to a developing guitar player, actually implementing these things is the key to finding your voice on the instrument, which should be any musician's ultimate goal. Take these lessons with a grain of salt, because they're not meant to teach you exact passages or patterns–they're meant to inspire you and unlock new doors in your creativity.



Learn and execute techniques like sweep picking, legato, tapping, and more. While these lessons are presented in a specific order, you can feel free to bounce around based on what looks interesting to you. Move at your own pace, and enjoy a new arsenal of skills!



The difficulty in teaching something as subjective as songwriting is that everyone has different taste. It's with that understanding that I designed these lessons to be a bit more ambiguous and provoke your imagination while providing the tools to help you translate the sound in your head onto the fretboard.



For those new to the guitar, I have a message for you: CONGRATULATIONS! You've chosen the best instrument in the world to learn. These lessons will guide you from the moment you pick up the guitar to your first guitar solo, and everything in between. You'll learn valuable maintenance skills and ergonomic tips to become the best guitarist you can be, all at your own pace. Enjoy your new journey!