Guitar Super System is the premier online guitar education platform, featuring world-class instruction, professional cinematic resolution, and a variety of styles and approaches to help you reach the peak of your guitar-playing potential.

What's included in a subscription to Guitar Super System?


Concepts extracted directly from Berklee College of Music, presented in an interactive, effective, and fun way! Including high-quality backing tracks and downloadable PDF resources, the sole purpose of this curriculum is to help you find your own voice on the guitar.


Various genres, eclectic approaches, and basic fundamentals allow me to tackle the extremely subjective topic of songwriting. I'll provide the tools you need to express yourself without imposing my own musical tastes too often. After all, not everyone likes electronic-jazz-djent-core-fusion.


 Featuring a variety of methods and approaches drawn from pioneering guitar players of today, you'll not only learn and execute techniques like sweep picking, legato, tapping, and more–you'll understand how to actually use them in your own guitar playing. 

BEginner's Corner

If you're completely new to the guitar, never fear! You'll find everything you need to begin your journey toward the guitar mountaintop. Even if you've never picked up the instrument, dabbled here and there, or just need a refresher, Guitar Super System has you covered.


It's one thing to understand what notes are in a scale or arpeggio, but another to actually know how to use them. If I could sum up the goal of Guitar Super System in three words, I'd say: Find your voice. As you progress, you won't just learn the "how"–you'll learn the "why".



Join fellow Guitar Super System students in an exclusive message forum to share experiences or ask questions. You can even take part in private live streams to ask me questions directly. These streams are saved for future reference and announced in advance.