There are two ways to use Guitar Super System. The first way is essentially a guitar course format you may be used to, which I call Guided Curriculums. This experience is like having a guitar teacher create a syllabus for you to follow and let you know what to practice next. The alternative option is called Choose Your Destiny. This method allows the student to browse through various topics and lessons to learn something specific they may be interested in. This is just like going down the rabbit hole of guitar goodness, and is an equally viable approach to learning.

This area is designed for those of you who would like to follow a structured course-style format. While the many lessons in Guitar Super System can be accessed individually based on a topic you might be searching for, some of you may prefer to follow my recommendations for how to move through the lessons. Whether you’re looking for music theory, licks and techniques, or beginner content, this is your home base for guided paths to help you achieve your guitar goals.


Choose Your Destiny is a self-guided experience. Think of it like a guitar lesson buffet. While the many lessons in each Guitar Super System section can be followed in order from top to bottom, you can feel free to bounce around if you're looking for something in particular. Each lesson contains context and references to other relevant lessons that will be helpful in understanding any concepts that are presented.